XM Radio Hack is an Urban Myth

It has been reported that XM Radios have an internal bit for being subscribed or not, that when you unsubscribe they transmit a signal to your radio for a period of time, and that if your radio is off for the weeks that they transmit your code that your radio will continue to work.

I have tested this an found it to not be the case on my Delphi Roady. More than a year ago, I disconnected my radio and put it in a box. I then called and canceled. When I powered it back on today, it was immediately in “demo” mode as if it were not subscribed.

I do suspect that the service is not difficult to steal. At the same time, just listening to the demo reminded me of how much I didn’t care for the sound quality. Someone else might try to break it, but I don’t plan to bother.

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